Aug 222009
Sunset in Cabo San Lucas
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Cabo san Lucas is a favored destination for people around the world, and is especially known for its great sport fishing in Marlin Alley. There are many attractions and sites, including some of the world’s best whale watching. Even if you’re just looking to soak up the sun, this is definitely the place to visit.

Cabo san Lucas was once a very inaccessible vacation spot, as the most elite were the only ones who were able to visit. With today’s abundance of international airports and flights, traveling to Cabo is no longer a journey. It once had a few hotels, but this number has grown to accommodate the rising count of tourists visiting the area. These hotels are designed for any kind of tourist, from those traveling on a budget to others looking for a luxury vacation.

This town is on Baja California’s southern shore, specifically at the intersection of the Carretera Transpeninsula and the Southern Cape Highway. Its location makes it an ideal place for driving and cycling. You’ll find a wide range of tourists, from excited college kids to high-rolling golfers and sport fishers.

The streets have no numbers in Cabo san Lucas, so finding something you want to do or see on the city streets is no easy task. You won’t have too much trouble navigating around Cabo san Lucas as the people are friendly and more than willing to help out any wandering tourists.

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